Smart thermostat saves the day

When my kids moved out, the first thing I did was turn the upstairs bedroom into an art studio. For the last 18 years I have been relegated to doing my painting in the garage, with bare floors and poor lighting. Now that the space is opened up, I am claiming it for me own. It is so nice to have a respectable studio, after all this time. As nice as the room is, there are a few problems I was not expecting. There is one problem in particular that makes me suspect I may have to go back to painting in the garage! The roof itself must have very little insulation, because the upstairs is notorious for heating up so rapidly. By midday it feels like the heater has been running, but it is just the heat of the sun. Of course we have an air conditioner but to cool off the upstairs enough for my needs, it turns the downstairs into an icebox. I called around to a few HVAC dealerships, and found out about smart thermostats that have zone control for the temperatures in your house. Basically what happens is the smart thermostat monitors every room in the place, and adjusts the cooling settings based on which rooms are being used. With one of these installed for my central HVAC system, I can finally cool down my studio without freezing out everyone else. For the first time, my painting studio will have the same great climate control comfort that I enjoy throughout the rest of my house.

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