Smart Thermostat Surprise for the Office

I sure hope that my colleagues don’t find out that I was the one who ratted them out to the boss.

It wasn’t on purpose but rather an honest response to a direct question.

Although, I did sort of let the whole HVAC topic slip. Our office is probably very similar to most offices all over this country. There are many people working in one HVAC controlled space. All of us are attempting to do our work while maintaining a certain social decorum while doing so. However, there are still so many personality clashes, petty politics and general negativity. Myself, I truly do my level best to keep my head down and just do the work. However, I really dislike the office environment. If I was allowed to work primarily from home, I would. To that end, I engaged my boss on that very subject. He asked me why I wanted out of the office so badly. I straight up told him that I hate the atmosphere because it is so negative. And, I told him the office atmosphere really cut down on my passion for the work and my productivity. This caught him off guard and asked me for an example. I told him that our office even got hostile over the HVAC thermostat. People had nearly come to blows over someone changing the setting. I told the boss that stuff like this made me want to work elsewhere. He assured me that he would institute changes. 2 days later we had a smart thermostat installed. The boss is the only one with the code.


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