Smart to get into HVAC

Some people are born naturally smart, or gifted, and other folks aren’t. There is nothing wrong with this, it’s the way of the world and it always has been! Some of us are just smarter than other, the way the some are faster, or stronger, or bigger than other. We should not ignore our differences, we should embrace them! I have never been jealous of the smart, for example, even though I am not that smart myself.  Being born smart is not as important as you might think, because until you learn to apply yourself and use your gifts, you can’t succeed. I am not a successful HVAC contractor because of my intellect or IQ score, not at all. I made it in the HVAC business because I have a strong work ethic, and don’t mind putting in extra time to get things right. Just because I never got straight As in school doesn’t mean I cannot grasp the complexities of the inner workings of HVAC systems, it just means I had to work harder to learn it. I know for a fact I make a lot more with my HVAC job than a lot of my contemporaries make, and I know for sure they are smarter than I am. Some of them went into teaching, or research, or some other field where the pay is not that great, while I applied myself to heating and cooling repair work. So I ask you, if the smart kids are working for peanuts and the regular guys like me are killing it at HVAC repair, then who is smarter, really?

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