Smelly heating system

I like our fiance very much, but there is a reason I do all of the cooking. The last time I let him cook, I had to open all of the windows in the condo in the middle of the winter just to get the smoke out, but both of us live in the Northeast, so that meant each one of us were letting in cold cold air and losing the pleasant warmth of our central heater, With that being said, if only to keep the building fire alarm from going off, I handle the cooking. I’ve had a really bad flu the past few days, so our affectionate fiance has been trying to handle the cooking as best as can be. Of course, she doesn’t suppose he’s bad at it, just that I’m better. The very first evening, she scorched the bottom of a pot while trying to make me chicken noodle soup, but when I woke up in the middle of the evening to make Pepsi and try to go back to the bed, the living room was ice cold. I couldn’t find a draft at any of the windows, even though I turned the vent of the range hood off, and went back to bed with our tea. The very next morning, I asked our Dad about it. She informed myself and others that it was the vent hood being left on, obviously it can suck all of the super warm air out of an condo in just an tenth. Both of us had left the vent hood on almost overnight, for at least several minutes, but my dad suggested that I teach our fiance how to cook bette. I just wish it were so simple with him.