Sneezing around open containers

Occasionally I stop plus wonder about all the random careers that exist, which I have no system about. There are so many available careers available in our up-to-date society that the people I was with and I may not even know about. For instance, who develops the city pool schedule? Who decides the names of streets? Who keeps an eye on local dealers to make sure they are employing safe practices? Well, just recently, I got to see first hand one of the people who inspects local businesses. You see, I was minding our own business, quietly finally working at a little diner last week, when a big problem pulled our attention away from my tables. A man strolled nonchalantly into the diner and simply walked around, looking diligently at the building itself. He said not a word for a long while, until he asked to talk to the manager. Boom! Everything turned into chaos! He revealed himself as a public health agent, who was sent into the diner by a customer who complained about the cleanliness of the Heating plus A/C system, and that’s when chaos broke out. The man circled the walls, taking air vents apart plus shining his flashlight into the air ducts. He walked into the back, where he was presumably looking into the oil furnace plus kitchen ventilation ductwork. Then he circled to the side of the shop plus loudly clanged around on the air conditioning machine for a while. During this whole chaotic torture, the manager was whispering about HVAC and cleaning ducts and such into the phone with the owner. That made me feel  they were not feeling confident that air handling devices were going to pass inspection, which made myself and others set down the rest of our chocolate donut plus cappuccino. The next day when I went to go into work, the diner was closed for unknown “renovations.”

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