Sneezy and air conditioning

I have the strangest boss in the world. She belongs to several unusual organizations in her personal life, as well as she has held a ton of different careers. Recently, she suffered a stroke, as well as she didn’t even take any time off in the least! She was back in the office within a couple of days! I tell you, though, the strangest thing about her is her sneezing issue… Whenever she goes outside as well as then comes back inside where there is the A/C device running, she starts sneezing. The colder the A/C device is set, the more she sneezes. It is actually quite annoying, as well as I never want her to come back once she leaves because the A/C device related sneezing drives myself and others crazy. Interestingly, my sibling has a similar condition, only backwards. If she is inside where the A/C device is working, she starts sneezing when she goes out into the sunshine. I am certainly ecstatic that I am not that sensitive to changes in the temperature control device because it would drive me bonkers to be sneezing all the time like that. I live in the South, as well as just about every building has the A/C device running almost for the entire year. That means, if I suffered with this sneezing problem, I would be sneezing 90% of my life away! My boss even told myself and others that when she goes home, she has a blanket on the sofa because her husband runs the A/C device quite a bit cooler than she prefers. So, she gets to her condo as well as wraps up in the blanket until her body gets used to the A/C device as well as a little while later she can take off the blanket.