So glad my a/c was working!

I constantly have an outdoor bash every summer.

It has become somewhat of a fun thing for me.

I invite a ton of girls from the office plus old friends that I do not get to see much from school. It’s really a great time for us ladies. I make it a big margarita feast, a group of us get to hang around on the back porch. It is overall the best summer gal blast you could possibly think of! This last year it was so hot outside! For the first time in years the group of us had to transport the get-together inside the beach house. This was so we could all just be relaxed plus cool while I was in the bash. The central air conditioner plan I have is 1 of the best around on the market today. It should be because I paid a whole ton of money for this top of the line central air conditioner system. It’s also able to provide heating if I need it to. So you can imagine that in the Wintertide months of the year it does as good of a job as the summer. Everyone at the get-together was really happy with how good our central air conditioner was functioning throughout the morning. The only con was that we were not able to sit on the back porch this year. But still it was an enjoyable time. If the air conditioner had not been truly working it would have been horrible.


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