So It turns out Heating & A/C tech grew up with our siblings!

The world truly is a small place.

  • You realize this the older that you get and the farther you travel from home.

I’ll never forget how honestly shocked I was when on an afternoon not long ago 1 of our co-workers revealed a strange connection. I grew up in a tiny farm city of 7900 people, located about 1002 miles away. Wouldn’t you know it, his wifey was from the same city and she knew our entire family? That’s the afternoon that I 1st began to realize how interconnected every one of us all are. I have to say, an even wilder example came up the other afternoon. This time, but, it worked to the benefit of a hotel stay. You see, I got a modern task not so long ago that required myself and others to do a whole lot of traveling. I was often on the road, staying in ancient hotels for a night here and a total nightmare. During one of these trips, I checked into a hotel room that instantly felt as if it had awful indoor air conditions. The air was stagnant and the temperature seemed to be fluctuating as I walked from corner to corner. I called down to the front desk and asked for some help with our Heating & A/C component in the hotel suite. The kindly person at the desk rapidly sent over a maintenance person who would supposedly had Heating & A/C experience under his belt. When this person arrived in our room, he seemed oddly familiar. He got to task inspecting the Heating & A/C system and was just taking out the heating and cooling components when every one of us started chatting. It turns out, he played soccer with both of our older cousins. It was the funniest coincidence to meet this man, 3000 miles from home. So crazy, that he told the front desk that the Heating & A/C system was broken and got myself and others upgraded to a nicer VIP suite.

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