So many choices

I am getting ready for our annual trip down south, to visit with our child and her family.  I dread the long trip, although I constantly have so much with them. My child and I have a beautiful relationship in that all of us are more friends than mother and daughter.  Both of us have become equals over the years, and our friendship is honestly special to me. I also appreciate that she has this great a/c system in her house. It gets nearly as hot up north, during the summer season, as it does in the south.  My husband and I have our window a/c units, and they do great. My daughter’s place has a whole house a/c unit. Earlier this year, she called because they had a problem with their outside A/C unit, and they needed some information on how to service it.  My husband and I live almost a thousand miles away, and she still calls her dad for advice. It’s funny because he enjoys it when she calls. He says he feels appreciate he is still useful to her. He doesn’t go on the trips with me, because he can’t travel anymore, so her asking his opinion or his advice warms his heart.  The last time she called, he wanted to call a friend and have them give her a new a/c unit. When I told her, she said the A/C was not that bad off, it was just that she needed his help to walk her through the process. She will constantly be his little girl that he wants to take care of.

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