So much air is pumping through here

There have been times when I wanted to hide inside my house.  I wished I could crank up the thermostat, blast the furnace, and read a good book. Those are the times when the temperature drops below zero and it’s  snowy outside. I have no desire to go outside. I don’t like dealing with cold nasty weather. I am lucky because my house is the perfect refuge from the snow and cold. I have a wood burning fireplace in my living room.  I also have a radiant flooring system concealed throughout the house. The fireplace is fine when I already have wood prepared and ready to go. The majority of the time I prefer to rely on my radiant floors. The heated floors keep the house feeling perfectly warm cozy on the coldest winter nights.  There are no drafts or cold spots in the house. The radiant heating is dispersed evenly. Every single corner is equally warm. This is so much better than the old forced air furnace installed in my last house. It used to blow heated air through the handful of air vents in the home, and spread a lot of dust and contaminants.  It was noisy and inefficient. I ran the furnace for longer cycles just trying to create a warm and comfortable temperature throughout the home. I paid super high energy bills because of it. The radiant system costs less to operate and creates superior comfort. It is entirely silent, wonderfully clean and doesn’t dry out the air.  Because the heat is so evenly distributed I can set lower thermostat settings without sacrificing comfort.