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Each time that our Waterfront condo required the help of a ventilation, A/C, in addition to heating supplier, all of us got to hear and Infamous story. A couple of weeks previously, both of us needed to have the A/C component repaired. Our repair service professional told us that the A/C component was not asking, because both of us needed to buy a new fan. We updated the fan, which seemed to help the A/C component for a week. After eight of us still believed our Waterfront condo was muggy in addition to moderate. Both of us had to contact the same A/C, Heating, in addition to ventilation provider once again. They showed up to our once again. This time, the heating, A/C, in addition to ventilation provider told both of us our system was low on air conditioning coolant. We paid a handsome fee for the refrigerant to be filled, in addition to the fact that our system seem to work much better after that. After a few months, there were still some remaining problems in our Waterfront condo. We had to call a different provider to help us with our heating, ventilation, in addition to A/C needs. Thankfully, we finally found out the main route to the problem, which was the size of our more than one ton heating, ventilation, in addition to A/C component. The whole component had been struggling to cool down our place, because it was significantly smaller than both of us needed for our Waterfront condo. The heating, ventilation, in addition to AC supplier recommended that both of us upgrade our entire component, when this one takes a turn for the worst.