Some of the many benefits of radiant floor heating –

I believe that radiant heated floors are the ultimate form of comfort and luxury.  Having warm floors provides numerous benefits that no other type of heating system can match.  Unlike a forced air furnace, radiant floor heating gently warms the surfaces of objects in the room, and is infused rather than blown into the air.  The warm surfaces greatly reduce the rate of heat loss from occupants, allowing comfort at a room temperature approximately five degrees lower than with other types of heaters.  Because the air temperature is slightly higher at floor level, the rate of heat loss from the feet and legs is minimized. A few feet above the floor, the air temperature starts to decrease.  Most people feel better and more energetic with lower air temperatures at head level. The coldest air in the room is typically right below the ceiling, which helps avoid heat loss. The result is energy savings and lower cost of operation.  Another benefit is that the entire heating system is tucked out of sight. There’s no restriction in furniture placement and no ugly equipment taking up space and detracting from the decor. The entirety of the floor surface is the heat emitter, and the heat is spread evenly, with no drafts or cold spots. The radiant heating system operates without making noise.  It is entirely silent. The boiler, which supplies the hot water to the pipes, is usually located in the basement and very quiet. Unlike a forced air heating system, hydronic heating does not introduced dust, odors or germs into the home. There is no new air brought in and only minimal circulation. Radiant heating is recommended for anyone who suffers from allergies or dust sensitivities.  

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