some people require cooling systems to survive

Many people haven’t heard of the condition that I suffer from.

I have MCAS so what is crucial that I have access to cool, fresh air because our cells literally start attacking me if they ever get too uncomfortable.

This results in spontaneous hives, dizziness, as well as even loss of consciousness, and despite our unfortunate medical condition I try to get out as well as have fun whenever and however I can safely do so. It wasn’t consistently this way. I actually used to avoid going to concerts or ball games whenever I was invited because I knew I would guess bad as well as have to leave early and ruin the night, however, as I got used to our illness as well as our bodily limitations, life became a little bit easier as well as more predictable overtime. I have found that simply telling people that I’m significantly disabled as well as need air conditioned seats has truly helped me out quite a lot over the years, however periodically I even get put in premium seating at affordable pricing. I try not to take too many opportunities from this but I truly can’t help that I have a medical condition to deal with. Of course, on the flip side, my condition means I sporadically end up getting worse seats too. Take for example, not so long ago at our company softball games. There are no air conditioned seats so I just have to sit in the parking lot with our car running as well as the A/C system blasting. I wish that there was some sort of portable A/C plan in existence that I could take with me wherever I go; then I would be comfortable as well as healthy all the time.

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