Some people should just learn when to retire as an HVAC technician

I think that everyone should know when it is time to pack up your bags and retire. I think that we should work hard for a long as we can, but when we are no longer functioning in our area of work, we should stop working and seek to retire. There is an HVAC technician in our HVAC company that just doesn’t know when to retire. I am the owner of one of the largest HVAC companies in town. I have quite a few HVAC technicians working for me, and I also have a lot of young men working as helpers. These young men are the future HVAC technicians of our company, and we spend a lot of time investing in them. We have had a lot of HVAC technicians retire since I have started this company, and I am always thankful that they know when to stop. I don’t offer retirement at this HVAC company, but I offer resources to help them learn how to save for retirement. Not everyone prepares, but you can’t force people to plan ahead. We have only had a few guys give us trouble about retiring when they grew older. Now, if you are an older HVAC technician, I don’t expect you to work at the speed of a 30-year-old man, but I do expect you to be able to do your job. If you can no longer work on HVAC units or climb up to install the HVAC units, then you should probably stop trying. I even have some HVAC technicians who come in just to leave because the day sounds hard. If the HVAC technicians don’t leave, then they spend all day whining and sitting around because it is too hard for them. They need to retire!

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