Sometimes it’s an easy fix for an A/C problem

Since this quarantine started two months ago, I have been keeping a close eye on our acquaintance Gus… He is a great guy.

He’s very feisty, but he’s pretty old and kinda frail.

He lives on his own. He is more vulnerable to the COVID virus than almost everyone else I come into contact with. I’m afraid that if he gets it he will not survive it, so I try to swing by his beach house every couple of days so I can talk to him through the front window! Every time, we have to shout, since we can’t open up the windows. But it still works well enough. His air conditioner is located over on the side of his house, but when it runs it is deafeningly loud. I usually ask him about the AC and Gus always tells me that he is doing just fine and I shouldn’t worry about it. But then one day last week when I went over his A/C wasn’t running, Gus said he had turned it off and it was all fine, so I didn’t worry about it; After a few days of the AC not running, though, I asked Gus what was legitimately going on. He told me that his old thermostat unit was broken, although he didn’t want to complain or be a burden about it. I then called an HVAC worker to have a look at the outdoor components, but Gus declined that offer. Then I asked him if it was an easy fix that he could do. I wondered if maybe the batteries in the control unit went dead, but he said it wasn’t that either. But later on, he called me and said that he was embarrassed since it turned out that it was just dead batteries in the control unit after all.

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