Sounds with the a/c

There are a lot of strange noises in our house, it’s an older house, plus so the floors are always creaking, the doors are always banging closed, plus the floors are always squeaking plus popping. I never really think that much of it when I hear strange noises in our house, but I do start to pay attention when I hear our cooling system start to make different noises. Of course, cooling systems normally make a lot of noise when they are running, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that every single noise that your cooling system makes during operation is normal, the noise that I heard our cooling system making was certainly unusual, in our opinion, plus so I started thinking that there was really something wrong with our cooling system unit. I know that our cooling system works by using something called an air handler to circulate air throughout our house. The air handler is a fan plus a motor which runs when the cooling system is on, but if the bearings on the cooling system motor start to wear down over time, I know the motor will really break down eventually, and come to find out, I was right about the whole thing. The bearings were wearing down plus causing this strange grinding noise to come out of our cooling system. I called our Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C dealer plus explained the noise to them plus they told me that they would need to come out to the cabin plus replace the bearings in the cooling system motor. I’m excited it wasn’t anything more serious!

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