Southern living needs more a/c

When our bestie & I moved down south both of us thought central a/c was not necessary. Both of us lived in the north our whole lives & had never owned a cooling system. The southern weather is much hotter & starts earlier. So both of us decided that getting some form of cooling would be a good idea, my bestie & I purchased window air conditioners, then one for the living room, a single in the living room & a single in the living room. With three cooling devices all laboring together, the home should be freezing enough. Well both of us were wrong on that. The southern weather does get entirely hot, but the real pain is the humidity. The window cooling devices had trouble with the heat, but the humidity lingered in our house, combining the pitiful cooling & warm, moist air from outside was bad. Condensation formed on the AC devices, on our walls & around the baseboards. I was consistently cleaning up mold & stropping future bacteria growth. The home was not the right temperature & running those devices was so much in electric bills. Both of us finally chucked the cooling units to the curb & got central a/c. Wow, what difference with the whole new home being cooled. Also the a/c is naturally drying out the air & taking care of the humidity. There is way less mold & both of us are so much happier. If someone came to the north & only used space heaters, they would be in for a rude awakening. I think this is what happened to us only with AC in the south.


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