Southern winter and HVAC settings

Christmas in the south can be a disappointment if you’re  hoping for the snowy landscapes and a white Winter wonderland. Having been raised in the north, I have a lot of memories from playing in the snow with my brothers. When my family moved south, even light  snow flurries were very rare. Most Christmas days, the temperature would never drop below the mid seventies! I know some of our neighbors would even run their air conditioners. While some would light a fire in the fireplace, in order to pretend they were having typical northern Winter weather! Anyone living up north would find this aggravating.  Up north, no one starts up the Heating system unless it’s necessary. On Christmas, the Winter weather typically requires some type of heating system. After college, I moved to the west to take a job. I’ve found that most northerners would be happy with a sunny and warm Christmas. As much I missed seeing snow while I lived down south, once I settled into a much colder area for our new job, I learned to hate  the cold. I suddenly needed to wear gloves when brushing feet of snow off my car. I was afraid of getting frostbite just from getting the mail. The temperature was regularly below zero. That type of severe cold makes it possible to freeze to death. I always made sure the heater in my car was working properly. Getting stranded on a remote highway in the middle of a blizzard is risky. The area was genuinely beautiful in the winter, but it was not worth it.  Even though my home was equipped with a reliable heating system, I still wanted to get away from the cold. I was, however, thankful to come home from work, and step inside to perfect temperature.