Southerner Grapples with Northern Winter and HVAC

I get so down about winter.

It just almost crushes my motivation and energy to go out and enjoy my life.

As soon as I feel that first cold wind during the fall, I know what I’m in for. The depression and dread for the winter weather begins to grip me. This is also the big flag that goes up every year for me to call the HVAC people. They come out every fall to inspect, clean and service our HVAC furnace. However, having a working, reliable furnace does little to mitigate my winter angst. It’s as though I am never really able to escape the bone chilling cold. My home is the South where the heat pump was all we ever used. And that wasn’t even all that often during those wonderfully mild winters. The weather in the South is awesome. Well, except for about 3 months when it gets monstrous hot down there. I’ve been up north now for 6 years. One would think that I would have been able to acclimate to the weather by now. But, it just hasn’t happened. The winters are just so long. The HVAC heating system is running for at least six months out of the year. When spring finally comes to this area, I’m so strung out by the cold that I have a hard time enjoying the rest of the year. By the time the fall rolls around, I just find myself dreading winter again. We have 2 more years to live up here before I can return to the sun and the mild winters. I’m ready to have that heat pump back in my life.
HVAC serviceman