Southerners love their air conditioning and sweet tea

When my grandfather opened his restaurant in the Deep South, he would always joke that there was two things that you always needed to do in this southern heat to make sure that customers would keep coming back to your store. You needed to make a mean batch of sweet tea and keep that southern nectar flowing throughout the entirety of the patrons’ visit. And, you needed to have the best air conditioning system money could buy to keep them cool. Grandpa always said if you have those two things covered, your golden! Now with this restaurant, it’s always been our tradition to make some really good, down-home southern cooking, so I’m not saying that our meals are poor or mediocre. But I have come to find that my grandfather’s little joke was not a joke at all; it was words to live by. You can have some of the finest southern cooking around, but that sweet tea better keep coming, and that air conditioning better be blowing nice cool air; always. If I did not believe it myself, and I did, then I would have gotten my first wake-up call a few years ago when our air conditioning unit conked out in the middle of lunch hour. Our customers really started getting hot and bothered, both literally and figuratively. I could hear the complaints rising up from the dining area, even from the kitchen. I was really sweating it, again, both literally and figuratively, the entire time it took for the HVAC man to arrive!