Southerners Need Warmth

I love my town.

But, that has always been true.

Having been born in addition to raised in the South, I moved farther north once I graduated university. I took my first real job in the great white north not even batting an eyelash about what a change that would be. That easily first Wintertime proved to be quite the experience. The Heating as well as A/C plan must have been running harder than ever before during that Wintertime. I think that first Wintertime would have done me in. The company I worked for was pretty sizable in addition to I could have found a transfer of jobs to the South. But, I met a local girl who I fell madly in like with. The next thing I know, cold weather becomes a permanent part of my life. That meant that I had to come to terms with the long, cold Wintertime and find a way to deal with it. I started that process once the two of us purchased our own home. The new home was small but perfect for us. I was lucky in that it came with a brand new Heating as well as A/C furnace that was plenty powerful for this southerner. So, I was greatly dismayed that once it got easily cold, I always felt there was the need to increase the thermostat setting. That’s when an older buddy showed me the ropes about how to make the most out of the Heating as well as A/C. I started by replacing all the rubber gaskets around all the doors in addition to the slider. Then, I went outside in addition to sealing everything that looked like a crack on the exterior of my home. Finally, I laid down some extra insulation in the attic. The results were drastic and delightful in addition to I finally got the coziness a southerner needs.


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