Spa and massage places use too much heating

I hate spas and massage parlors. The services cost way more than they are worth. I also hate the temperature control in the place. Apparently if you want to relax, you need to be sweating buckets. I hate that anytime I get a massage, the heater is cranked to about 90 degrees. I get the idea on why adding more heating would be good for the masseuse. The heater equipment loosens your muscles and makes it easier for the therapist to move things. As the person getting the massage done, extra heating is not great. I hate that I am all sweaty when someone else’s bare hands touch me. I hate that I stick to the table and leave a gross wet spot. Massages are not the only thing that get too much heating. There are hot tubs, steam rooms and facials that can be done. Every one of the those services either boats having a ton of heating or there is just naturally way too much heating in that room. Why can’t a room be the right temperature control or even have some AC? When I relax, being overheated and sweaty is not what I go for. I usually crank up my A/C plan and then I can properly kick back. So a spa and massage day for me is always a little stressful and upsetting. I have tried all different businesses too. The heavy amounts of heating apparently is a big thing for them. No massage parlor will allow you to be the proper temperature control in there.