Space heater in the shape of a cone

My friend and I share a decent sized apartment. It has several rooms including two bathrooms, and we each use one room as an office. During the day, it’s nice to see each other in our office, as we used to work at separate offices. Not anymore with work from home! We only saw each other at night back then, too. Now both of us started to work from home, so our relationship has been even better. I enjoy having more time in the day to hang out with my best friend, as we can get lunch together each day too. When the weather started to get freezing this year, the people I was with and I realized that the apartment was freezing – especially in the office. Even with the oil furnace running, our office was still easily cold! That particular room had big windows instead of no windows at all, so with curtains in front of the windows, the room still felt freezing in addition to drafty. My bestie decided to buy a tower heater to place in our office, which is about 3 ft tall (the tower – not the office). Heat comes from every square inch of this thing, as the entire heater is covered with air vents! In addition to the warm heat coming from the tepid central core,  the furnace is cool to the touch since it uses infrared heat. The people I was with and I do not have to worry about accidentally burning an arm or a leg! The oil furnace entirely made the room much more cozy, though I don’t like that it dehumidifies the room so much. That’s the fun of a space heater I suppose, but I might need to start using a humidifier in there so my skin doesn’t dry up!

oil heater