Spoiled with our current HVAC equipment

When my wife and I were fighting a lot, I was getting incredibly irritated. She kept telling me to do things like call for the HVAC system maintenance. I asked her why she couldn’t take care of that and she couldn’t offer me an explanation other than it’s my job to do that. What, just like it’s my job to take out the trash? It’s my job to vacuum and clean the house and take care of the dishes all the time? What’s her job then? She just works part time at this bakery and seems to think that’s all she has to do. I work a full-time job and do all these household chores and she keeps giving me a hard time for something like calling for HVAC system maintenance? I swear she is incredibly spoiled and I feel like she wasn’t raised right when she was a kid. Even to this day, her parents get her pretty much whatever she wants, and that really bothers me. Well, I decided I wasn’t going to listen to her, and if she wanted the HVAC maintenance to be taken care of so bad, she would have to call herself. Well, she never called and I never called. When we got into the winter season, our furnace actually failed on us. She tried to blame me for this but I just checked into a hotel for awhile and let her deal with it. She ended up calling her parents and they covered the cost for the furnace repair. I think we’re going to have to get a divorce soon, because I can’t deal with her anymore.

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