Squirrels in the air ducts

I am starting to regret offering to help my grandmother clean out her house and prep it for resale.

She wants to move down to Florida to a retirement community, the sort of place where you have your own house, but pay everything through one check like you do in an apartment building.

It was expensive, but a really simple way to live life, and my grandma wanting nothing more than a quiet and simple retirement. It turns out her place is a mess, needing a whole lot more work than I expected, but it’s too late for me to back out. Moving the boxes was tough, cleaning it was tougher, and the issue with the air ducts was the toughest part of all. At some point in the last decade, squirrels had taken to living in some of the upstairs ductwork. They made their way in through an exterior air vent, and since grandma never went upstairs she never noticed them. You would have thought she would notice the smell coming from the air vents, but it turns out she hadn’t used the central HVAC system in many years. She had a small space heater she kept to warm up her feet on cold mornings, and an oscillating fan for hot days, and never touched the thermostat. I told you she was an odd old bird, but by being so low maintenance she saved herself a lot of trouble with the HVAC system and the ducts. I was unable to get the air ducts fully cleaned, she needs to hire a professional.

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