Staff finds $50 bill behind the old A/C

A few weeks ago, I hired an HVAC company to replace my old A/C equipment. The old A/C wasn’t working well any longer. Even with the A/C running all day, the indoor temperatures still felt warm and humid. I tried changing the air filter and cleaning all of the ductwork. Even though the indoor air smelled better, it didn’t help the stagnant airflow trouble. I even tried cleaning the evaporator coils and the condensate line. My sister thought I needed a new A/C. She asked her boyfriend Paul, to look at the A/C unit in the house. He works for an HVAC company, and happily came by to check on the problem. He visited last Tuesday and delivered the bad news. My A/C was at the end of its life, and the suggestion was to replace the old machine. Paul got me a discount on the new A/C, because he worked for the company. While the technicians were installing my new A/C unit, they found a fifty dollar bill behind the air duct in the garage. I was surprised when they told me, instead of keeping the old, dusty cash. I don’t have any idea how a fifty dollar bill would up behind the A/C, but I guessed it was from the previous installation team. I used the money to buy pizza and Gatorade for the two technicians installing my A/C. They were happy to eat some lunch, before heading out to the next A/C installation job. I still had twelve dollars in my pocket, and a brand new A/C in the garage.

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