Having a six year-old kid is really the peak of my fatherly experience so far. My boy is actually something else – he was always a big  kid for his age, but you’d never know he was only six years old if you saw him! The boy actually has his father’s genes, as he looks about twice his age. He’s a sweet kid, and a gentle giant among his class. What I like is that he has the same wonder and intrigue with outer space that I’ve always had. We like stargazing at night! My wife likes our family outings to quiet, remote places far from the neighborhood lights, just so we can get the best view of the night sky that can be found near town, as much as we like relaxing in the back of the truck and watching the celestial bodies overhead, we often find ourselves having to pack it in early due to the intense heat! See, we live in the south – it’s hot in these parts from May to September, realistically, so an excellent air conditioner system is critical to maintain fine indoor air quality levels, Being outside is actually something that must be done sparingly, and you have to have good air conditioning ready to go to cool off from the heat, and even at night the heat here can be pretty unforgiving combined with the natural humidity. My kid likes to stargaze, although he also likes being in an air conditioned space far from the humidity, heat and bugs of the outdoors. I don’t blame him – stargazing is far more enjoyable when it’s cool outside, as we can focus on finding constellations and other heavenly bodies. When it’s much colder outside, we can even have a fire going, or use a portable space gas furnace to keep our “observation deck” nice and warm, and  if it gets too cold, we can climb into the truck bed and turn on the heating system to warm up! No matter how we endure the occasionally uncomfortable hot and cold temperatures, my kid and I still make the time to love our favorite interest.