Starting to fall in love

When it was my time to go to school, I was easily upset.

Ever since I was old enough to have a crush, I have had a crush on our Heating and A/C repair tech.

I would peak around corners whenever he was at our home. The two of us lived in a small community where every one of us were able to have the same Heating and A/C specialist every time. There were only many in the Heating and A/C dealer our parents were using. It was the father and his more than one son. The youngest kid serviced our parents’ Heating and A/C equipment. When he was outside now working on the a/c unit, I would be in our family room. I would always look down at him and watch him work. Last, I finally had the nerve to go outside while he was there. I was lying on the lounger chair, appearing to be tanning. When I went out, I provided him with a single of the waters I had gotten. He talked to myself and others almost the entire time he was there. I didn’t have any idea if he had noticed me, however he did. When he left, I thought I was in love, but I also knew I was going to need to go to school soon. If only I had gotten up the nerve to talk to the Heating and A/C earlier. This month, I finally graduated school. I was at our parents’ home when the a/c maintenance needed to be done. I was surprised to see it was the same Heating and A/C tech. When he saw me, he said he never thought he would see me once again. I told him about school, and how I worked through the summer, and I asked if he was single! We’ve been dating ever since.
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