Staying at my parents house after a hurricane

We had a terrible hurricane rip through town recently. Luckily we did not sustain major damage to our household, but we lost power for 4 days. After one day of me and my family sweating in our home, we decided to head across down to my parents house where the hurricane had not done as much damage, so that we could stay with them until our power returned. I was very grateful for my parents’ hospitality in taking in me and my husband and my son until the power in our house returned, but there was something I missed from my own home. My parents have a very primitive form of HVAC while my family enjoys a great HVAC system with a smart thermostat. My parents have three window mounted air conditioning systems, one of the living room one in their bedroom and one in the guest bedroom. Obviously, it was better than staying at our home that had no power at all, because at that point, our HVAC system and smart thermostat was useless, but it sure would have been nice if my parents had similar heating and air accommodations. Don’t get me wrong, I was entirely grateful for the little bit of air conditioning that we ended up getting with those window units, but when we checked on our house on the fourth day and discovered that power had been restored, I was overjoyed to return to the comfort that our powerful HVAC system and smart thermostat affords us. There is nothing like an HVAC system that already knows the exact temperature that you desire at any given time!

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