Stick to the schedule!

My wife and I have always had a very set schedule with our morning routine. We both have full time jobs in town, so we have to make sure that every morning goes as planned or else we will be late. We wake up at around six thirty to make breakfast for our little one, and while he is eating we make sure all of our stuff is loaded in the car for the day. Once we are on the road, we are at the daycare in about ten minutes depending on the traffic. After we arrive we have our little one unpacked and settled into daycare in under five minutes, and then we are off to our separate jobs. Yesterday however, our plan had a major mishap in it. The office that the daycare was in had a major problem with the HVAC heating and cooling unit. The entire building was having the old HVAC units replaced with state of the art units built to withstand all of the seasons. In the meantime, the daycare would only have old school ceiling fans to keep them cool. This meant that not only was their tons of construction that made it hard to find a parking spot, but we also found out that they were going to be opening an hour later than usual for two weeks. You heard me right, two whole weeks! We really couldn’t believe it. Not only were we going to have to disrupt our perfect morning schedule, but we would have to deal with a very grumpy kid who is way too spoiled with top notch HVAC units. I guess that’s just how it goes when you live and work in the city.

HVAC unit