Sticking to one style of workout

I perform a gymnastic style workout, every single day. Each day, I focus on a new gymnastic trick that I am working to perfect. There are no days off for me. I never skip a single one of my gymnastic components. Fortunately, my style of workout targets all areas of my body. I get lots of work on my butt and abs when I perform back tucks. Back handsprings are great for working legs and shoulders. When I want to concentrate on my arms, I perform a series of handstands or walkovers. My boy is all over fit due to my gymnastic workout. Now and then, I try to force myself to take one day to try something different. I convince myself to ride my bike, jump rope, run, kayak or swim as a cardio workout. If I am not in the mood for those activities, I simply focus on new areas of my body and a different way of working them than usual. Some workouts will involve push ups, crunches, lunges or squats. Even though those muscles are already toned, I think it’s good to work them in a different way. I usually feel completely exhausted, sore and can’t complete the full hour of the workout. I know it means I am getting a worthwhile workout if I can’t go any further. I should make it a point to do more than gymnastic style workouts. There is a core progression located near me that offers group classes. They include a lot of weightlifting in these classes. I have considered signing up for a class on Saturdays to start. However, I am unwilling to neglect my work on a gymnastic element to head to the gym. I know that I should take a day to rest my muscles completely every now and then. I find it unsettling to take a day off from working out.


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