Still no heat, so we stayed with my sister

For the longest time, I have avoided staying at my parents house whenever we come to visit.

They finally had electricity installed and they had the water turned on, but there wasn’t a heating system in the house.

I refused to take our young son into the house, when there wasn’t enough heat to keep us warm, let alone him. I would not put our infant into bed with us, which is what my dad suggested. My sister was kind enough to allow us to stay with her. We had amazing heating her home and we were all comfortable. I went over to visit mom and dad and my wife went with me, but we didn’t take the baby with us. I didn’t think it was safe to have a baby in the home when there wasn’t good heating. I told them we were staying with my sister and if they wanted to visit I was sure it would be okay. Dad huffed about it, but I told him I wasn’t bringing the baby into the house when they didn’t have any heat. He said he had heat as he pointed to the space heaters. I could smell the fumes coming from the gas space heater and I didn’t want that getting into my son’s lungs and i told them so. I told them that their space heaters were dangerous. We didn’t get to spend a lot of time with my parents, but it was better than no time. I’m hoping that they’ll give some thought to their getting rid of the space heaters and having a furnace installed before we return next year.

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