Stinky bank

The last time I went to the bank was absolutely horribly.

It was excruciating enough that I had to get a paper notarized in order to make more money.

That was nearly a week of absolutely dreading going to the appointment too. When the appointment date finally came I was cheerful however the moment I walked into the office I knew something was off. The whole office stank like a teenage boy’s room and it was absolutely sizzling in there. This made me begin to question the cleanliness of the bank. However, I felt I absolutely did not have a lot of choice but to stay in addition to wait. Another appointment would have been out of the question as it would have resulted in a longer wait time to get the paper notarized. So I waited in the smelly waiting room for nearly an hour. When I was finally called into the back I found that the smell was just awful. I felt like throwing up the whole time I was getting the paperwork done. The notary explained that they were having air conditioning problems in addition to that the smell was not due to dirty unit or anything of that kind. That didn’t make much sense. That smelly air must be coming from somewhere. And they are totally skimping on AC maintenance. Wonder what kind of quality they do with handling money? I don’t think I will be keeping my account with them for long. I did not like my experience.

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