Stinky house after a break up

After my wife left me I fell into a deep depression.

I won’t say a funk because I don’t know if this was a genuine chemical change it was just me feeling sorry for myself.

There is a large difference between the different issues, anyone with severe depression can tell you. In any event, I stopped cleaning myself or eating out or doing laundry and took off some weight in front of the TV, and by the time I snapped out of it some months later, and wanted to get back to normal our current home was a disaster area. The indoor air conditions in our modern home was somewhere in between gym locker room and wet dog, so I needed to make a change, fast. I obtained a couple of those tower-shaped moving fans that have ac filters built into their bases, and turned them both on in the living room. I also allowed the fans in the Heating and Air Conditioning method to keep going, although that didn’t seem to be helping very much. I put my hand up to the air vents, and there was nothing leaking out. I pulled the air filter and saw it was completely clogged up with hair and had iced over! When I thought about it, I realized I had never once cleaned the air filter in the 2 years I had resided here. Once the A/C started working typically, and combined with the air filters, our site started to smell a lot better.


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