Stopping off at the gas station

On my way beach house from work the other day I had noticed that my central heating plus a/c plan in my automobile was not working respectfully.

At first I thought I may have a major problem coming to where I was going to have to spend hundreds of dollars to have the central heating plus a/c plan in my automobile repaired by the local automobile mechanic, however I found that the issue was not as bad as I feared! After checking on something, I found that the freon for my car’s a/c was low.

This was why I was having problems. It was a warm day out, plus it had been certainly warm the Last year or so. I ended up using the a/c so much in the automobile that the freon needed to be charged up! This was something I could certainly do for just a small few dollars at the local gas station! So on my way home, I stopped at the gas station to get the freon for my car’s central a/c plan charged up. As I hoped for…that was exactly the issue, once I charged up the freon of the central heating plus a/c plan in the car, the a/c was fully working once again! This was sort of a reminder to myself and others to regularly remember to do a freon charge when it is certainly warm out plus I am running the a/c all the time. I had not charged the freon in certainly a year. So this was my problem.

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