Storm damage

In the south, we often see a great deal of summer storms. It rains almost everyday, and there are tropical storms churning in the ocean. We only see tropical storm activity a few times each year, but the rain keeps us constantly worried about the weather. I live in the tornado capital of the world. We have thousands of lightning strikes every single month, and there are hundreds of tornadoes each year. When there is tropical weather arriving, there is plenty of time to get ready. Some forecast models even predict the weather 10 days in advance. Even four or five days is enough time to heed proper warning to anyone in the affected area. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for tornadoes. They can spawn in a second, destroy an entire neighborhood block, and disappear just as quickly. That’s exactly what happened last spring, when a tornado destroyed our air conditioner. A small tornado formed in the field next to my house. Before we realized what was happening, a gust of wind pulled the air conditioner right out of the window. It was fast and abrupt, and everyone in the house was scared. The window was completely ruined, and we had to replace the window sill as well. We found our air conditioner in the field. It was nearly a hundred fifty yards away from the house. We are lucky that the air conditioner was the only problem during the tornado. If one of our kids had been standing by the window, they would have been seriously injured or killed.

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