Storm knocked down the a/c

This past June saw some of the worst and violent thunderstorms I have ever experienced in our little neck of the woods. For quite a long length of time, it was pretty much guaranteed that every morning, a violent thunderstorm would faithfully appear, and I just hoped that they would be earlier in the morning and not while all of us were in my commute condo from work. I guess thunderstorms are not essentially that bad, unless you are unlucky enough to get struck by lightning or whatnot. However, I will admit that it had led to some drastic flooding such as our neck of the woods had not seen in quite a while. For myself and others and my family, the worst aspect of the thunderstorms this year was what a lightning strike did to our electricity. The two of us all happened to be not at work 1 Friday day while all of us were in a violent thunderstorm when all of us were subjected to the loudest and closest lightning strike all of us had ever seen or heard. It was pretty clear that it hit the home, because all the lights went out in addition to the appliances. That also meant that all of us were without air conditioner. All of the rain did not give us that much of a cooling effect as you might recognize and it was still a unquestionably hot June. The two of us ended up spending the rest of the evening without any power and entirely no a/c at all. It ended up getting so unbearably hot and muggy; it was a nightmare that night. The two of us were all completely wishing that the air conditioner was blowing. Not to mention the fact that the toads and the bugs were making us go deaf, never mind not allowing us to get some shuteye.There was no Heating and A/C system running to drown out the noise.