Strong filter freezes up

It rained a lot last night.

There was a big thunderstorm with lots of lightning too.

I kept feeling entirely sizzling plus uncomfortable all night but I was too lazy to get up plus check the cooling system. When I finally got up this day I observed that it is 73 degrees inside the home even though the cooling system was running nonstop. It seemed a lot quieter than normal too. When I went outside to check on my Heating and A/C component I didn’t see anything abnormal until I removed the filter. The filter was frozen plus had chunks of ice on it. I use one of those tightly craft HEPA filters that is supposed to filter out everything. Unfortunately, this seems to have resulted in moisture from the air accumulating in the filter plus chilly. With the filter removed, my cooling system worked perfectly again. I left it running plus went to the store plus purchased a cheap filter that was practically see through. When I got home, my home was at 75 degrees plus still dropping. I installed the cheap filter plus the cooling system is still working well. I don’t imagine this chilly of a strong filter is normal though plus I am starting to wonder if there might be something larger wrong with my cooling system. I should undoubtedly call an Heating and A/C business to come plus run some diagnostics just to make sure it is ok. I would don’t like to have to pay for an costly repair however it is better to have it done now than to wait plus go without air conditioning system for days or weeks plus have to pay for even more parts.


Cooling technician