Struggling to cope with poor heating system

Living in the snowy far north is both beautiful and frustrating. The beauty that comes with waking up in the morning to see fields of white powder covering the street is a vision that cannot be easily replaced. However, that same sight also reminds you that now, you have to get outside and shovel snow off and around your car just to leave for work! I used to love that when I was growing up, but over time the novelty wore off – and I only saw it as a frustrating pain to deal with every morning for four months of the year. Still, I knew I could come back inside and sit under one of the ventilation points for my HVAC ductwork, and wait patiently as the heat from my gas furnace comes out to warm me up. One morning, I came in from a particularly snowy outdoors, and grabbed my hot coffee before starting my usual routine of sitting under the vent to warm up. Imagine my frustration when I noticed that there was no heat coming from the ductwork! I sat for almost half an hour, shivering as my hot coffee began to cool down, before I realized that the house was actually getting colder by the minute. I went to check the thermostat and see where the thermometer was set, only to find that the home’s heating system was definitely broken. I promptly called my usual heating and A/C system service provider to schedule an appointment, and explained to them how the gas furnace didn’t seem to be functioning. All I could do was get ready for work, and pray that I could get an HVAC repair technician at my house before the weekend.

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