stuck heated floors

My wife and I bought a lovely little home in the country several years age.  We haven’t had any problems thus far, but from what I heard, we were about due.  We weren’t looking for trouble, but just saying thank you for the years of peace and calm we have had with the easy running of our home.  No sooner were we patting ourselves on the back for the long run of no breakdowns, and we had a problem. It was one of those beautiful winter days that, if the weather report was right, was about to make a big turnaround.  The knob on our old thermostat had broken and we couldn’t adjust the temperature for the radiant floor heating. Unfortunately, it wasn’t broken while the heating system was on, but while it was off. The storm that was approaching, was calling for below average temperatures and a huge snowstorm.  I didn’t know if I want to be angry or sit down and laugh. I soon took control of myself, but only because my wife broke up my fit of hysterical laughter while lying on the floor. I told her what was going on and she just shook her head and picked up the phone. She called the HVAC contractor and told him about the on and off switch and how it wasn’t working.  She also said the heating was turned on and we needed some help. The HVAC company said they were already running overtime because of the onslaught of worried customers due to the upcoming storm. I wasn’t happy because I now had to go to our backup plan. I called my brother-in-law, who is also a HVAC technician. He told me he would come over and fix the thermostat.  

radiant floors