Students these days

I find it so funny the amount of stuff that most college students will whine and complain about. My oldest son is in his very first year of college, and every other day he is sending me a text, or calling me with something to complain about. Last week it was about the awful food that they have been serving in the cafeteria. This week, it’s about the heating and cooling unit in his room. He has to share the unit with his roommate, and he says that he doesn’t like how cold his roommate leaves the heating and cooling unit when he is out. I think that all of these advances in the HVAC world have made this next generation soft, my son included. Back when I was in college many years ago, I would have loved having a heating and cooling unit at all! Instead of having that luxury, my roommate and I had only a small ceiling fan and open windows to keep us cooled off. During the winter season, we just piled up the blankets and slept in warm weather gear. Even though I had to deal with these annoying conditions, I had an amazing time and I never once called back to my parents to whine about it. Perhaps my son needs to attend a less privileged school out in the middle of nowhere. Maybe this way, he will learn a thing or two about how good he has it. He would learn that there are much worse things than having to fight over the temperature of the heating and cooling system!