Summer a/c repair

You know, once in a while I get myself into situations where I’m in way over our head. This happens so often, you would assume that I would learn our lesson in addition to look before I lept. However, I think appreciate there’s not much fun in that certain  way of living, and planning, research? That doesn’t sound as if it is a ton of fun. Working out all the possible hiccups in addition to downfalls before getting started on a major project that’s way too much work for one man or woman to accomplish in the first site? Nah, ain’t got time for it. That’s how I wound up scheduling this entire condo renovation during the middle of our long,hot southern summer time this year, but not planning, not research, in addition to not giving enough thought to the matter. I figured it would all be okay somehow. I mean, sure it’s ridiculously hot and humid all day long, every day, for at least  nine months here… however we have a/c on our side. What could go wrong? Well, I actually didn’t even think about about the fact that the a/c helps only if you’re inside. It also doesn’t help tremendously when people are continually walking inside in addition to out, letting all the chilly indoor air float right out into the great big hot world, then lastly, I actually should have realized that having the A/C running at full blast for the full duration of our condos renovations would have a cost all its own. Not enjoying access to a professional Heating as well as Air Conditioning maintenance before making the A/C method to run 24/7 for 6 months was probably a mistake. Now, our condo renovations are done, however our brand modern A/C device replacement is just beginning.