Summer classes with no A/C

In order to graduate on time, I had to take classes over the Summer… Summer courses are the worst thing in the entire world! I had the choice too, online based or in the classroom, however the fee for the online course was almost twice as much.

  • So I decided to make the 30 min drive to campus; It was not a large deal.

I wish they would have put in that there would be no AC… The university decided to save cash plus not officially cool the classroom down. Those Summer courses were the worst that I had ever experienced. The un-even temperatures were around 90 degrees. I would dress in basic beach gear plus sweat the entire time! But, truthfully, how much would it cost to cool a single classroom? There were only a few courses offered over the Summer, however, the university experience wasn’t all bad. I was fortunate that our parents offered myself and others with high quality wood furniture… After a long afternoon at school, nothing felt better than returning to our charming dorm room. The chairs have high quality leather set up on them plus our aged couch was a nice green velvet. It also raised our spirits whenever a buddy would compliment myself and others on our custom built furniture… My parents had this furniture set built when they were married plus luckily passed the set down to myself and others for university. I love custom built furniture! What was also nice is having quality A/C in the dorms too. I got to love our high end furniture with a wonderful laboring cooling plan overhead. It made the Summer classes almost okay.