Summer home cooling

Each summer, my folks plus I would go up north to the states to spend the Summer weeks, and being from the south, the summers were quite unbearable due to the total rain plus humidity, and my father enjoyed the traveling so much, he got a small log cottage by a lake that both of us would go to each June plus July, but everything was brand new: the kitchen sink; the toilet; the bathtub; and the roof was only more than 2 years old, despite these current details to our Summer house, my father skipped repairing the a/c unit. My dad figured he would be able to repair it on his own, being that his background was in car fixing, and when June approached plus both of us sought refuge in the traveling from the overbearing southern heat, both of us quickly found that this good  month of June was no different than that of the south. Every one of us enjoyed our cold air conditioning system equipment for the first day, but then it broke sometime during that evening. Every one of us awoke to a chirping noise coming from the equipment plus only warm air pushing through its vents. My father took to it, using his repair kit to undo this plus oil that, however nothing fixed it. How my dad disliked spending cash on anything, but after my mother took him on his own plus spoke to him about going back to the south, my dad smartened up plus realized she couldn’t repair the air conditioning system on his own.

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