Sunshine and a/c use

I basically always look forward to trying out modern adventures… Last summer season, that adventure was learning how to paddleboard. Most of my friends were paddleboarding already before I was, and I wanted to go with them every now and then. Every weekend for a whole month, I was out on the lake trying to keep my balance. I ended up in the water so many times. Luckily, we do not live in a region where we have to be concerned about lake critters like alligators, otters, or eels! When I finally got the hang of paddleboarding, I spent hours on the lake. One Thursday, I didn’t even realize I had been out there for close to five hours. I had paddled roughly six miles away from my dwelling! The daylight was relentless and intense. I was crispy burnt by the time I arrived back to the dwelling. My skin was essentially on fire, and a cool shower didn’t help as much as I thought it would. I decided to nap on the bed with cool air blowing from the air conditioner… By the time I woke up a few hours later, my skin was totally red. I felt miserable, and I was starting to feel a bit queasy from the brutal heat exposure. I started to get goosebumps from the air conditioner also! No matter what I attempted, I could not manage to regulate my body temperature in the least. Even the air conditioner wasn’t helping so much, so I called my mom. She basically told me to drink plenty of fluids and cover my body in aloe. I laid in bed for several days in a row, before I could even move my arms and legs. That was the worst sunburn I can ever remember in my life.