Sunshine and HVAC actually do go together

I think if you are a human with any kind of normal emotional range, there is an anxiety component to some degree.

My life has certainly seen more than its fair share of depression and anxiety. I’m lucky that the cultural attitude toward mental health has changed for the better. When I was a teen aged boy, there was very little tolerance or understanding when it came to mental health issues. I was told to get off my butt in the HVAC comfort of my room and go take a lap. This did nothing but make me appreciate the HVAC cooling a bit more. I spent years learning how best to manage my anxiety and depression. One of the key elements was being sure to get plenty of sunshine. My daily life often revolves around my sun exposure time. If I can get a couple of hours of sun per day, I am much more settled. There have been times where my job sent me to areas where the sun doesn’t shine so much. Those places also were cold and the HVAC furnace was my closest friend. Finally, I decided my quality of life had to come first. Now, I live in an area that is famous for the amount of sun that pours forth. And, I took it to another level by putting a sunroom on the back of our small home. With all that sunshine around here, it comes with a great deal of heat. So, I had the HVAC man come out to install a mini split HVAC unit in the sunroom. I can enjoy the sun while sitting in the sunroom while the HVAC keeps me nice and comfortable.



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