Super cold computer lab

I have been in college for a little over two years now and I finally feel like I am getting the hang of everything. Last week, my teacher told us we had a thirty page paper due in four days. I hate when they give you large assignments on such short notice, but this is not the first time this has happened to me. When I am given a short time to do a really long assignment or project I try to go to the computer lab to get it done. If I can get away from my room, I will be less distracted by my roommate and friends coming in and out all the time. I really like going to the computer lab because all the computers are super nice and the HVAC system is always blasting air conditioning. I know that might sound like a bad thing. However, the cold air really helps my study and it really helps keep me awake. If I were to study in my dorm, I would fall asleep because my roommate likes to keep it so warm. However, in the cold computer lab you can’t doze off even if you wanted to because it is so cold. Many people like to complain about the cooling system in the computer lab, but I am not one of those people. I actually really love it and think it makes me more productive! So, I really hope that all the complaints don’t change the temperature because then I really don’t know where I would get my homework done!

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