Surviving the weather

Some people are mean drunks… Other people might fall down or giggle a lot, and when I am drunk, I get easily friendly. If there is somebody at the party I don’t know, drunk me will befriend them. I am the life of the party, socializing and making friends while hammered. I usually end up in the oddest conversations with people too. Then the most recent party I was at, I ended up talking with a potential heating and A/C business employee for an hour. However he was telling me that he is attempting to be NATE certified! Apparently, NATE certification is a huge deal in the heating and A/C world. He has to have a ton of in field hours with another certified heating and A/C business. The certified one then signs off that he completed the necessary training hours. It is almost like a free internship that heating and A/C professionals need to do! Next, the guy had to take a few exams in the heating and A/C industry. He had to know his heating, cooling, heat pumps, HVAC duct and air quality. The guy also could get a special certification in particular areas like boiler service. How neat is that? The guy was telling me how difficult the test was and how much work he has put into the certification. Apparently being certified is worth it though. NATE certified heating and A/C technology pros make more money and work for better heating and A/C companies. I now think that when I need heating and A/C service, I will look for NATE certified Heating as well as A/C businesses. I also enjoyed drunk talking to the guy about it, was real interesting to learn about.