Swapping out the a/c

Monday evening, I was on my way home from work.  I was in a whole line of traffic and the right front tire on my truck blew out.  It was a difficult job trying to keep the truck moving but I finally wrestled it to the side of the road.  I called my roadside emergency assistance team and had them send out a tow truck. The tow didn’t cost me anything, but the tire was about to cost me a bundle.  Not only did they say they had to put on a new tire, but they were hitting me for a new axle and compressor for a damaged air conditioner. I thought this was ludicrous.  I asked to be towed to a second mechanic. I got charged for a tow and I got charged for the first estimate. The second mechanic agreed on needing a new axle, but he said he couldn’t a find anything wrong with the air conditioning.  This kind of cancelled out the first mechanic, but now I wondered which mechanic was right. I had him put on a new tire, and I went to the third mechanic. It cost me a bundle already, but this mechanic gave me a cheaper estimate for the axle and he told me that I didn’t need a new air conditioner compressor because there was nothing wrong with my AC.  I’m hoping the first mechanic just made a mistake on what he was saying. I would really hate to think that he was just trying to rip off my insurance company and me.