Sweating it out on the boardwalk

I thought I had it made when I got a job on the boardwalk.

I didn’t even have to be responsible for anything like handling money or ringing up tickets, they just wanted me to chat people up and get them to play the basketball game.

I know you’ve seen it before, it’s a regulation sized basketball hoop about ten feet away, and people see how many baskets they can make in under 2 minutes. It’s not even hard, it’s really a matter of trying to do it better than the guy next to you, so we do a pretty good business. I wondered why no one else wanted this job, and that was because the office itself had air conditioning, and no one else wanted to be out in the hot sun that much. Neither did I, of course, once I realized there was an option for A/C but since I was the new guy I got stuck with the hottest, sweatiest job. While the supervisor and the other workers get to chill and do paperwork in the glorious cooling of the office, I am treading the board and making the money. Everyone else just works 1 hour outside, then one hour in the AC, but I do all 4 of my hours out in the sun, how is that fair? I am thinking about applying to work in the video game arcade, with is 100% indoors and and 100% air conditioned. I want to stay on the boardwalk, I love it here, but I really need more cooling in my life.


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